Original landscape Paintings in Oil

About Me

My Background


  • Sometime around fourth grade, while on my way to my lesson at the Berkshire Art Museum in Pittsfield MA, I thought, "If Picasso can sign with one name, so can I". It will be my middle name, Odile". And so it was from then on.

My Medium


  • My training as a youth was in watercolors, in college it was acrylics. I moved on to large pastel works. Sometimes I will do preliminary sketches in oil crayon or graphite. I think whatever medium suits the work is best. Right  now I love painting in oil.

My Inspiration


  • Our beautiful earth is what I am awed and inspired by. I try to paint from memory so that the work is more about feeling than location specifics. I invite the viewer to have their own experience with my painted landscape.